Ji Won Jung is an artist and fashion designer. Born in Seoul, South Korea, and growing up in Vancouver, Canada, she’s inspired by her multicultural upbringing and experiences. She is currently in New York, attending Parsons School of Design, majoring in fashion design, and is expected to graduate in May 2024.
I love to make beautiful clothes that emulate quality, timelessness, and functionality. Inspired by my multicultural upbringing and experiences, my work revolves around themes of identity, movement, and nature. My design process can begin at any moment as I interact with the world around me. Visits to art galleries, walks in the countryside, and conversations with loved ones have sparked endless ideas as I sketch or take numerous photographs related to various subjects. Visual research is central to my work as I make smaller collections of photographs and resources to support my design process.

EMAIL: jungj147@newschool.edu

Thank you! I look forward to being in contact soon.
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